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Destination: Mandalay in Mandalay Region

Destination Climate: Mild – no rainy season as in a dry zone Region

Borders: Magway Region, Sagaing Region & Shan State Region

Size: 37,024 sq km / 14,295 sq miles

Region Capital: Mandalay Region

Population: 6.1 million (2014)

Destination Lineage: Myanmar, Kayin, Kayah, Chin, Pao, Mon & Shan

Destination Languages: Myanmar/Burmese, Shan, Chinese & English

Destination Religions: Buddhism, Christianity & Hinduism



The Mandalay Hotelier Association was set up under the close supervision of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in line with the permission of the Head of State.



To develop the hotel industry in systematic ways, and get rid of the problems and difficulties that each member is not able to solve, by organizing the nationwide hotels, motels, inns and lodgings.



The objectives of the association are as follows:

(a) To lead the hotel industry in line with the economic policy and objectives occasionally laid down by the government;

(b) To develop the hotel industry in systematic ways under the close supervision of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in accord with the objectives of the State;

(c) To do all efforts for the prosperity of the country by means of the preservation and conservation of the traditional and cultural

(d) To do all efforts for the modernization of the hotel industry, the development of the State economy, and a large increase of foreign

(e) To stand as a firm organization free from party politics;

(f) To participate in the prosperous work of the State by the unity of hotelier

(g) To do all efforts for the modernization of the hotel industry with an international reputation by means of the preservation and conservation of the traditional customs and cultural heritage of the nation;

(h) To upgrade Mandalay Hotels' services by keeping up with international standard;

(i) To lead and guide the affairs of collective performance for advice, technical know-how, discussion, opening trainings, training programmes, and expert rental in favour of Myanmar Hotels to keep high standard, by inviting external and internal intellects and intelligentsia; and

(j) For the sake of the association's prosperous benefit, to look for means and ways that are not against the existing laws, economic policy and instructions of the State and by-law of the association.



The Mandalay Hotelier Association means as follows:

(a ) A hotelier is a person who fully or partially owns or manages a hotel or a motel or an inn or a lodging-house, and the Myanmar Hotelier Association is formed with the said hoteliers;

(b) The Mandalay Hotelier Association deals with the business mentioned in clause (a);

(c) The Association is an organization with hoteliers;

(d) The patronage panel is formed with the chairman of the committee of tourism development and patronage members ; and

(e) The central executive committee is a group of central executives committee and members elected by statute.

Mandalay Hotelier Associations

Strand Road | Between 22nd x 23rd Street
Myo Patt Road,
Mandalay 11221

Tel : +(95) 9 422 854 151
Official Website:

How to join us...

Anyone who is qualified to become an MHA member can apply for membership at anytime with his/her specific application form, 3 passport-sized photograph, membership fee and annual fee subscriptions. With one consent of the CEC of MHA the applicant will be given a membership identity card with certified registration number as a member.

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